(26 Nov 2011)

I intend to write this blog on Persian recipes for my lovely baby boy Arteen…

My name is Haleh, was born in Shiraz-Iran, after around 6 years of my married life,  I would love to share with you all my experiences in cooking, I tried to modify some of persian foods in order to make it healthier and easier at the same time…therefore you will find here my version recipes…

I have learned how to cook from my mom, her way of cooking is one of the best,  Thank you Mom for all you have done for me!

In this blog I am not going to say any measurements, You may adjust the amount of the ingredients to your preference. I will mention if it is necessary in case.

“Food has to be prepared with lots of love and positive energy.”

1-all my efforts are to make healthier food by easiest method!

2- Extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for low fat cooking !

3- Saffron is an important spice used in persian cuisine !

(but this is optional and usually can be omitted! )

4- And finally…wooden spoon!


27 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Haleh, you have one of the loveliest blogs that I have seen, so informative and so exciting to read through your blog entries. I need to contact you regarding the misuse of your photos. I tried to find an e-mail address but had no luck. I am leaving this comment and I hope you will reply to it and let me know how I can send you a message.

  2. سلام،
    خیلی ممنون از دستور غذا. کار شما خیلی قشنگه و با حوصله‌ است. عکس‌های مرحله به مرحله واقعاً سایت شمارا از بقیه متمایز میکنه. موفق باشید. حتما سایت شمارا با دوستانم سفارش می‌کنم.


    • سلام دوست عزیز
      وبلاگ آشپزی به زبان فارسی خیلی زیاده، هدف من ترویج آشپزی ایرانی برای غیر ایرانیهاست
      در عین حال که زبان انگلیسی بسیار ساده مینویسم ، گام به گام از طریق عکسها همه چیز واضحه
      با تشکر

  3. Haleh jan,
    This is one of the best cooking sites I have ever seen.
    The pictures you have taken are so bright and vivid,which make the recipes even easier to follow.
    Thanks for sharing your information

  4. Haleh joon salam
    hope all is well for you and your beloved family. I accidentaly find out about your blog, it is pretty useful and you have done a great job explaining everything in English, my daughter will be very happy to see this, thanks.

    Nooshin from Toronto

    • فداتون بشم نوشین جون، مرسی از ته دل
      برای خودتون، دختر نازتون و همه اعضای خانواده محترم آرزوی شادی، سلامتی و موفقیت روزافزون میکنم
      باز هم ممنون

  5. hale joon!!
    In site aalieeee va mohemtar inke hame chi motmaenan ba eshgh hamrahe ,baraye khodet va famile azizet az samime ghalb salmati va movafaghiyato arezoo mikonam va behet eftekhar mikonam.

    • فدات بشم مژگان زیبای مهربون
      مرسی که دیدی و کامنت گذاشتی
      این وبلاگ رو از اول از روی سرگرمی شروع کردم، کم کم جدی تر شد، تنها دلخوشیم اینه که مفید واقع بشه، عزیزم منم به دوستی با تو افتخار میکنم
      خودت هم میدونی چقدر دوستت دارم
      به امید دیدارت هستم همیشه
      روی ماه زیبات رو میبوسم

    • مریم عزیز مرسی از توجهتون، در واقع چون سایتهای فارسی زبان آشپزی خیلی زیاده
      من هم انگلیسی رو خیلی ساده مینویسم
      براتون ارزوی موفقیت میکنم

  6. This is a great blog Haleh jan
    I sent it to all my friends and my mom who is a true shirazi 🙂
    I’m gonna start making some of these recopies this summer

    thank you

    • یک دنیا ممنون از محبتتون آقای فواد نازنین
      براتون سلامتی، شادی و موفقیت روز افزون آرزو میکنم

  7. Hi Haleh jan,
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog,and I really love it! I’m all about healthy food cooking as well and if that food turns to be the amazing Persian food I grew up with, that’s just the icing on the cake! haha I’m gonna read your blog regularly now and look forward to learning a lot from you! 😉
    Have a lovely day!

  8. Salam Haleh Jan,

    I was looking for a Meigoo polo recipe when I came across your site and have to say am really impressed. Love the vivid, descriptive pictures and simple step by step instructions. Having been told that I’m a good cook, I don’t usually look for recipe’s online except for when I’m looking for a fresh idea or a twist. And fresh ideas I see in your blog here quite a bit.
    Count me in as your newest fan,


    • هما خانم عزیز
      یک دنیا ممنون از محبتتون و لطفی که نسبت به این وبلاگ ناقابل دارید
      فدای شما بشم
      براتون بهترینها رو آرزو میکنم
      سپاس فراوان

  9. Salam haleh joon,
    I love all your recipes. You are the best .I was wondering if you have a nane panjaraei recipe. I remember you grandmother was an expert at baking nane panjaraei.
    Miss you

  10. Dear Haleh
    Hope all is well with you and your beloved family.

    Thanks a bunch for the wonderful recipes, I truly appreciate every single one of them.
    Do you live in Toronto? Let me know.
    Nooshin from Toronto

    • سلام نوشین جان
      ممنون از مسیج پرازمهرتون
      دلگرمم میکنید چون خودم هم دارم یاد میگیرم
      من هلند زندگی میکنم درحال حاضر
      اگه زمانی به کانادا اومدم براتون مسیج میذارم
      همیشه شاد وموفق باشید
      فدای شما

  11. Great Haleh jan, Please email me if you ever come to Toronto, remember not to come during the winter it is not fun
    Kindest regards,

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