Fava Bean and Dill Rice with roasted Lamb ( شوید باقالی پلو و گوشت)


  • 500 gr meat ( Lamb, Beef or chicken),
  • One Onion,
  • One Paprika (optional)
  • small type Broad beans( Fava beans),
  •  50 gr Dill (Fresh or Frozen or Dry),
  • 3 cups rice,
  • Salt, Pepper, lemon juice, Saffron, cooking oil

Cut the onion and paprika into rings (remove the pith from the paprika)

place half of them in bottom of Pyrex

Lay the meat on them

sprinkle on salt, pepper, saffron and lemon juice

Place another half part of onion and paprika on top

cover and put in the oven,

 set your oven to 200 degrees Celsius / 400 degrees Fahrenheit / gas mark 6

Cook for 45 minutes

then remove from the oven, uncover it, again put in the oven for another 30 min, or until golden on top

 roast the meat

 remove the second skin of each beans

this type of frozen dill is very convenience, while there is no the fresh one

For 3 cups of rice,  add 2 cups of water,dill, some vegetable oil, Salt, saffron.

put the lid on, then turning on the electric rice cooker (or any kind of pot).

after about 15 min, add the beans, and mix with the boiling rice

dig some deep holes in the rice mixture with a handle of a (wooden) spoon to make sure the water will evaporate !

put the lid on, and let the cooking continue for another 30 min, on low heat,

 rice cooking time totally : around 45 min

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