Lamb Rib Roast (Lamb Shashlik) in oven with Saffron Rice Persian Style کباب شیشلیک در فر و برنج زعفرانی


1 kg Lamb Rib

One Large Onion

One bulb Garlic

Lemon juice or Fresh lemon or lime

Saffron, Salt, Pepper and 3 Cups Long Grain Rice

Place the meat into a bowl

blend one onion and the cloves of garlic

add to the meat

pour some lemon juice

add half a pinch of Saffron, Salt and pepper

combine very well

cover and put it in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours

Cover the oven plate with aluminium paper

Place the lamb ribs on it

Set oven at 200 degrees C or 400 degrees F

Place the plate in the Oven, for about 30 minutes for one side and another 30 minutes for the other side

then take the plate out, When one side of the meat is cooked, it should be turned to the other side

Place the plate in the Oven again, for another 30 minutes

cook rice in the rice-cooker,

(3 cups long grain rice, 4 cups of water, oil, salt and some saffron)

gently mix the rice by fork

pour hot water over Saffron, it helps release the aroma and color

add some rice into the saffron, gently combine together

grill tomatoes on the stove

The Lamb ribs are done!


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