Persian Style Spaghetti اسپاگتی (ماکارونی) ایرانی


500 gr dried spaghetti

300 gr mince ground beef

2-3 tablespoon Tomato paste

1-2 tablespoon oregano powder

1 Onion

1 paprika

lemon juice

salt, pepper, cinnamon, saffron

Dice an onion into small pieces, put them in a frying pan and fry for 5 min, Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder,

add ground beef,  fry over low-medium heat for 5-10 min or until almost done,

add 2-3 tablespoon tomato paste, Continue Stir frying

add one teaspoon cinnamon

add Salt and pepper

Dice one Paprika

add to the frying meat

add one tablespoon Oregano powder

1 teaspoon ground saffron dissolved in one cup of warm water, add to the mixture

pour some lemon juice, mix well then turn off the heat

Bring the water to boil in a pot, add some salt and cooking oil

Add spaghetti to the boiling water and stir the noodles

stir the noodles frequently so they don’t stick together, simmer only for five or six minutes or until about half done

then rinse

I use electric rice cooker to make Persian Style spaghetti,

pour some oil, you may add Sliced Potatoes and place on the bottom of the baking pot,

add 1/3 of half-done spaghetti, on the potatoes

cover with half of meat souse

again add 1/3 of half-done spaghetti

cover with the rest of meat souse

add the rest of spaghetti

you may poke some holes

then You may sprinkle some dried oregano on top

put the lid on

Set the cooker on minimum degree

you may cook on stove over low heat for about 30-45 min


2 thoughts on “Persian Style Spaghetti اسپاگتی (ماکارونی) ایرانی

  1. Hello,

    I love your recipes. I have the same rice cooker as you have, but I never tried to put something else in it other then rice. I see you put potato in it to make tahdeeg and you say that we have to put it on the minimum degree. Do you mean the first rice icon on the cooker? Is this the minimum degree? Thank you very much!

    • آره دوست عزیز همون شماره اول
      چون رب گوجه خیلی زود میسوزه
      حالا به مرور دستتون میاد چون ممکنه این پلوپزها درجه داغیشون با هم متفاوت باشه
      (هرچند از یه مارک باشند)
      براتون آرزوی موفقیت میکنم

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