Persian Dessert Shiraz Style (Tarhalva) ترحلوا شیرازی


5 cups Milk (one liter),

3 cups water,

1 cup rose water,

1 cup starch,

1 cup rice flour,

1 cup sugar,

some Saffron.

put one cup Starch and one cup rice flour into a pot

Pour 3 cups water in the pot

add one cup rose water

Place the pot on the stove, turn on the heat, stir continuously

pour 5 cups milk (one liter) into another pot

put this pot also on the stove, turn on the heat

add one cup of sugar into the milk as soon as the milk gets warm

add the warm milk into the first pot

stir well

add some Saffron

stir well slowly

Stir frequently until it thickens and becomes smooth, for about 10-15 min over low heat

Rub the oil all over the casserole dishes

pour the liquid mixture into the casserole dishes

sprinkle with pistachios, after getting cold put in the refrigerator for 3 hours

Divide by knife into medium squares


3 thoughts on “Persian Dessert Shiraz Style (Tarhalva) ترحلوا شیرازی

    • شیوا جان من تا الان اونها رو در ترحلوا تجربه نکردم ولی چرا که نه! نشاسته نشاسته است، مهم اینه که حالت چسبندگی رو ایجاد کنه ، به هر حال میشه امتحان کرد، من هم اگه با نشاسته ذرت درست کردم و خوب شد بهتون اطلاع میدم
      باز هم ممنون

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