Easy Persian Green Herbs Stew قورمه سبزی به روش آسان


500 gr Beef (chicken or lamb),

one cup Red kidney beans (or A can of red kidney beans)

400-500 gr herbs which is a combination of parsley, Coriander, leeks, fenugreek and spinach (I use Frozen herbs)

4-5 dried Persian limes or lemon juice,

Salt, pepper, vegetable oil and Saffron

cut meat into pieces( 10 com),

place meat and sliced onion into a pan, add some turmeric, salt and Pepper

pour 2 cups of water,

Cook over low-medium heat for about 1 hour,

place the frozen herbs into a frying pan, add some oil

saute till they change color and leaves a nice aroma,

then add to the meat

Poke a few holes in the dried limes by using a fork

add them into the pan(lemon or lime juice can be used instead of dried lime)

add a can of red kidney beans

combine the ingredients

pour hot water over Saffron, it helps release the aroma and color

pour over the ingredients into the pan

Cover the pan and Let them boil all together over low heat for about One hour


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