Pomegranate Pottage Shiraz style آش انار شیرازی


300-400 gr ground lamb or beef,

One Red Pomegranate (the seeds of one Sour-sweet pomegranate),

One liter Pomegranate juice,

One cooked beetroot,

One cup Rice,

One cup split peas,

herbs (2 bunches parsley, 2 bunches mint, 2 bunches coriander) optional: leek, spinach,

One whole garlic bulb,

One Onion.

Peel and dice one onion and fry in oil until slightly golden add turmeric, add ground beef, salt and pepper

fry for  about 10 min

add one teaspoon cinnamon and one teaspoon cardamom

Soak split peas in water to cover by 2 inches overnight (12  hours), change water 2 or 3 times,

place split peas into a pot, add some water, Cover pot with lid and cook until it’s well done,

remove the foam

after cooking split peas , add one cup of rice

pour hot water over Saffron, it helps release the aroma and color

add Saffron to the pot

add the cooked meat,

Grate the Cooked beetroot

add the grated beetroot

pour 1 liter pomegranate juice

Salt and pepper, Stir to mix well

Cover pot with lid let them all boil together over medium heat for about one hour

check it out and Stir several times to avoid sticking

chop and dice garlic cloves (One whole garlic bulb) and fry until golden

add into the pot

chop the herbs, add into the pot

add the seeds of one red pomegranate (you may put some aside to place on top as for decoration)

again cover and boil for 15 min over low-medium heat,

check it out and Stir several times to avoid sticking

(You can fry the dried mint  briefly over low  heat)

6 thoughts on “Pomegranate Pottage Shiraz style آش انار شیرازی

  1. خیلی ممنون بخاطر این دستور خوشمزه! فقط یک سوال، میشه به جای آب انار رب انار استفاده کرد؟

    • ممنون از شما دوست عزیز
      آره میشه حتما، مقدارش رو خودتون با چشیدن میتونید تنظیم کنید
      اگه رب انار ترش و شیرین باشه بهتر هم شاید بشه
      براتون آرزوی موفقیت و شادی میکنم

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