Green Bean Rice (second recipe) لوبیا سبز پلو قالبی


3 cups of Rice,

500 gr ground beef,

500 gr Green beans,

4 Eggs,

3 tablespoons tomato paste,

Salt, Pepper, turmeric, Saffron, cinnamon, vegetable oil (or Butter) and lemon juice.

wash and clean green beans

Cut Green beans into small 1-2 cm, put into a saucepan,

Bring to a boil and simmer for around 10 min or until well done

Dice an onion into small pieces, put them in a frying pan and fry for 5 min, Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder,

add ground beef,  fry over low-medium heat for 5 min or until well done, add salt, pepper, turmeric and cinnamon

add one tablespoon of tomato paste

and… lemon juice

add 3 cups of rice into a pot,

1 teaspoon ground saffron dissolved in one cup of hot water, pour into the pot

TWO tablespoons tomato paste dissolved in TWO cups of hot water

pour into the pot, add vegetable oil and salt, gently mix all with the rice

put the lid on, Place the pot on your stove and turn it on to medium-low heat

this actually is half-cooked rice

Beat the Eggs

Mix 2/3 of half-cooked rice into eggs!

combine well

use Pyrex glass pan, so you can control the color of crispy part( Tahdig!)

Pour enough oil to coat the bottom of the pot

Pour half part of the mixture of eggs and rice into Pyrex glass pan; spread and coat

spread and coat half part of the cooked green beans

spread and coat half part of meat all over

add 1/3 half-cooked rice( the part without egg),  spread and coat over again

add the rest of cooked green beans and the rest of the meat,  spread and coat over again

 the final step is adding the rest of the mixture of eggs and rice on top

optional: put some butter on top

cover with aluminum foil,  poke several holes into the aluminum foil

Set oven at 200 degrees C or 400 degrees F

Place the pan in the Oven,

for about one and a half hours or until the bottom is golden brown

This delicious dish is perfect accompanied with Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Sprinkle dried mint on top


4 thoughts on “Green Bean Rice (second recipe) لوبیا سبز پلو قالبی

  1. gompe golom salam. khili lezat bordam az in hameh kadbanogari va honaret .omidvaram ke hamisheh payandeh va movafag bashi.dost mehrabanam mikhastam azat ejazeh begiram va yk tedad az honarato albateh ba darje nam khodet baray pageam bardasht bisabraneh montazer javabeton hastam.

    • سلام عزیز دل، خیلی ممنون از لطف و محبتت نسبت به این ویلاگ، شما میشه آدرس پیجت رو بدی ؟ در مورد آشپزیه؟
      منم متقابلا برات آرزوی موفقیت میکنم

  2. سلام هاله جون، خوبی؟ من مرتب با این دستورای خیلی خوبت با اون عکسهای فوق العاده اش آشپزی میکنم. چرا دیگه آپ نمیکنی؟

    • خیلی ممنون ناهید عزیز و گرامی که به یاد من هستید
      یه مدت درگیر اسباب کشی و جابجایی بودیم
      فاصله زمانی افتاده منم کمی کوتاهی کردم، سعی میکنم جبران کنم
      روی ماهتون رو میبوسم
      یک دنیا سپاس از مهر و محبتتون
      فدای شما

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