Okra stew خورشت بامیه


500 gr Beef (lamb or chicken)

500 gr Okra

One onion

3 or 4 Tomatoes

One or Two lemon or Lime juice,

Turmeric, Salt, Pepper and Saffron

optional: 3-4 cloves of Garlic

cut the meat into long strips of the same diameter and shape of Okra

Dice the onion, put into a pan, add the chopped meat

pour one or two cups of water, turmeric, salt and pepper

simmer on medium-low heat for about one hour,

Remove the end part of the okra with a knife in the from of the pencil head

Slice the tomatoes on the chopping board

add tomatoes and okras into the pan

add the lemon juice, Salt and pepper (and some saffron and cloves of garlic if you like)

Cover and continue cooking  for about 30 min over low heat or until okra is soft and tender

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