Spinach Garlic Bread نان اسفناج و سیر


One Baguette

half a garlic bulb (or around 5 or 6 good sized garlic cloves)

200 gr Spinach

3 tablespoon Butter

Salt and Pepper

Crush the Garlic

add 3 tablespoons of Butter

Combine well

finely chop the Spinach

Add the chopped Spinach, Salt and Pepper

Stir well

Put baguette on board, Cut into 2-3 slices, don’t cut right through,

make a gap, fill with the mixture

wrap in foil,  seal ends well

Place the baguette in the oven,

Set the oven to 400 degrees F = 200 degrees C or Gas mark 6

Bake for 20 min

unwrap the Baguette

Cut and separate the slices


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