Yogurt Spinach dip برانی اسفناج


500 gr thick Yogurt

500 gr spinach, or you can use frozen type of Spinach

5-6 cloves of Garlic

some olive oil or Butter

Spinach should be cooked in stainless steel pan

optional: some Raisins, Saffron

Crush the garlic (or finely dice), place into a stainless steel pan, add some olive oil or Butter

fry for 3 min, until fragrant

drain and chop fine the spinach or use the frozen type (I use the frozen type of spinach)

Stir-fry on medium-low heat for around 10 min

transfer to a bowl

add  thick yogurt

Combine well, add salt and pepper

you can add some Saffron if you like, miss well

(Place ground saffron in a small bowl and pour hot water over it, hot water helps release the aroma and the golden-yellow color of saffron)

You can  put some raisin on top


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