Falafel (Basic Recipe for falafel) فلافل (slow-fried falafel)

I have tried different kinds of Falafel recipes, this one is exactly what I used to eat in my country Iran as nice yummy falafel sandwich, so easy to prepare!  The only difference is that the amount of oil, I am NOT going to deep fry the Falafels, just frying in some oil! (slow fried falafel)


1 cup of Chickpeas

1 medium Onion

Turmeric, Salt and Pepper

For this amount of ingredients you will have 14 Falafel .



Garlic cloves (or garlic powder), coriander leaves, Parsley leaves, Paprika, Cumin powder, Ground coriander seed, Chili powder

Note: NO Egg, NO Baking Soda, NO Baking powder!


I am going to use 1 cup of chickpeas and one medium onion

Soak chickpeas over night and drain

add the chopped onion, turmeric, salt and pepper

blend all ingredients together until smooth( by a food processor)

Shape the mixture into small rounded patties either by hand or by using a falafel maker

add some frying oil into a frying pan and put over medium heat

Slowly fry the falafels on both sides, turning once, until golden and crisp!

3 thoughts on “Falafel (Basic Recipe for falafel) فلافل (slow-fried falafel)

  1. besyar Aaali. Well done Haleh joon. Just a question, as I do cook falafel but where did you find that special tool for making similar falafel shapes out of your raw mixture?

    • سمیرا جون از ایران آوردم ، اینجا اگه احیانا جایی دیدم براتون میگیرم
      راستش ابزارش به نظر من بیشتر برای زمانی خوبه که میخواهی توی روغن زیاد غوطه ورش کنی تا شکل گنبدی بالاش حفظ شه
      برای روغن کم میشه با دست درست کرد خمیرش خیلی نرمه وقتی میذاری کف ماهیتابه از دو طرف صاف می شه و اون شکلش قلمبه اش از بین میره
      حالا اگه کسی هم خواست از ایران بیاد میگم براتون بیاره
      میبوسمت، آریا عزیز رو هم میبوسم

  2. merci az tozihet Haleh joon, akhe inja donbalesh gashtam ama peyda nakardam. na zahmat nakesh dooste golam, migam baram befrestan. Arteen va khodet ro miboosam.

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