Green Soup Shiraz Style آش سبزی شیرازی

Shiraz Style Perfect Breakfast!


300-400 gr (Lamb or beef ) neck meat which is the best choice for this recipe, but any other parts can be used,

1 cup Rice

1 cup lentils

1 cup chickpeas

1 cup white beans

2-3 onions

4 bunches of Tarragon

4 bunches of  Chives ( Tareh تره)

turmeric, salt and pepper….(and Fresh lemon)

Soak chickpeas and white beans over night and drain, put them separately in saucepans and boil, remove the foam, cook until the grains are soft and just almost done

Soak lentils 2 hours before, drain and boil

Slice 2 onion in narrow rows, or Dice in cubes, stir-fry in some oil, until nicely golden, add some turmeric

*half of it will add into the soup ( depends to your taste) and half for decoration*

wash Tarragons and Chives and chop into about 2 cm long pieces

Dice one medium onion, put in a pan , add the meat, salt, pepper and turmeric,

add some water and cook the meat until well done and soft, then remove the bone

 you can blend the meat or mash them with a fork (or your hand because they are too soft), put them back in the pan

add uncooked rice, the cooked grains and more boiling hot water, salt and pepper ( use a large pan)

add the chopped herbs

and add half of the fried onion

combine the ingredients and let them boil well together for 1-1/5 hour on low heat

Boil until the soup is thick  and the grains are tender. Stir several times during cooking, and be careful that the heat is not too high, pour hot water, salt and pepper if needed

you may put some fried onions on top for decoration

The taste of this soup would be perfect by Pouring freshly squeezed lemon juice (or lime)


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