Eggplant and leek Recipe خوراک بادمجان و تره فرنگی


2 Eggplants,

2 medium leeks,

1 bunch parsley (or coriander),

5 eggs,

7-8 cloves of garlic,

lemon juice,

half a cup walnuts (more or less),

half a cup dried barberry( more or less), turmeric, Salt and Pepper and some oil

Note: In this recipe Fresh Cranberry or more lemon juice can be used instead of dried barberry!

roast eggplants on the gas stove

peel and then slice in cube the rosated eggplants

Cut along length of  the leeks, then you can wash inside and between the leaves

chop the leeks white and green parts together, fry and stir in some oil, after 5-10 min add chopped cloves of garlic, and turmeric

cut walnuts into small pieces then add to the frying pan

after 5 min add the chopped parsley(coriander) and dried barberries, Salt and pepper and Lemon juice

add sliced roasted eggplants and stir slowly you may add more oil if needed

Beat the eggs in a bowl and mix them together ( add a bit salt)

 Pour egg mixture over vegetables, spread mixture evenly

place sliced tomatoes on top

cover the pan and put over low heat for around 20-30 min

put the frying pan in the oven in order to grill the top



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