Roasted Stuffed Whole Fish( First Method) ماهی شکم پر- روش اول


2 trout (or any kind of fish),

2 bunches of coriander, (dried or fresh fenugreek if available)

half cup of walnut,

half cup of dried barberry(In this recipe Fresh Cranberry or more lemon juice can be used instead of dried barberry!),

lime or lemon juice,

1 onion,

7-8 cloves of garlic,

Turmeric, salt, pepper and Saffron

 fry the sliced onion and garlics in some vegetable oil

chop walnuts into small pieces, add to the frying pan

add some turmeric

add chopped coriander

dried barberry, lemon juice, salt and pepper

 Brush both sides of fish with olive oil, lemon juice and Saffron. Sprinkle with salt and pepper

place the mixture on one side of the fish, and close the fish

brush more olive oil and saffron, sprinkle salt and pepper if needed

Cover the pan with aluminum foil

Brush the oven tray with olive oil to prevent sticking

Set oven at 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C or Gas mark 4,

bake each side of the fish for 10-15 minute



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