Sour Chicken Stew with Fresh Herbs and Yellow Split Peas مرغ ترش


4 Chicken thighs (or 300 gr Boneless Skinless chicken breast),

0.5 cup yellow split peas,

1 large Onion,

2 bunches of Fresh Parsley,

2 bunches of Fresh coriander,

2 bunches of Fresh Mint,

2 lemons or limes (the amount  may be adjusted to your taste and preferences),

Salt, pepper, turmeric, Saffron

This recipe comes from the north of Iran, originally they add 2,3 eggs at the end; (I omitted the eggs )

” This food should be sour, the amount of sourness depends on your taste”

Rinse the split peas, place them into water 3,4 hours befor cooking, change the water 2,3 times

Place the split peas in a saucepan and add water to cover by about 1 inch. Bring the water to a boil, cover tightly with a lid, do not add Salt at this time, for cooking cereals should not add any salt, since salt makes them firm at the time of cooking process,

 remove the foam from top of the boiling split peas

half cooking done of split peas process, Turn off the heat, will continue cooking after adding to the chicken,

preferably I cook the split peas seperate from the meat, because the length of time for cooking both is different

 place 4 chicken thighs into a pan, add half cup of water, salt, pepper and saffron, boil for about 15 min on low heat

then add the split peas to the chicken and put the pan aside

 fry diced onion in some vegetable oil, until the color is getting golden

add some turmeric

add finely chopped parsley, coriander and mint to fried onion

Continue stirring until the color turn to dark green, add more oil if needed


add the sauteed vegetable mixture to the chicken and split peas, salt and pepper

add lemon or lime juice:  the sourness of this food depends on your taste ,

pour one cup of hot water (or more if needed), combine all the ingredients, cover and cook for another 1 hour on low heat, until all the flavors come together, stirring occasionally, Taste and adjust the seasoning.

 Transfer the stew in a large serving bowl


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