Pomegranate Paste, Walnut and Chicken Stew خورشت فسنجان

This stew is one of my favorites, my mom’s recipe is one of the best which has sour-sweet taste!


400 gr boneless skinless chicken breasts,

200 gr walnut,

300 gr pomegranate paste (molasses),

1 large Onion,

saffron, turmeric, salt, pepper

( no sugar, no lemon juice)

Put the Boneless Skinless chicken breast into a pan, add half cup of water, saffron and salt, let them simmer slowly

after getting cold the chicken breast make them strips, set aside

Place the walnuts into a food processor and blend to fine crumbs

 Add ground walnuts into a pan

pour 3 cups of water and pomegranate paste

mix the ingredients , cover the pan and Simmer over low heat

Stir well several times on low heat to avoid sticking or burning the sauce ( the color slowly is turning into brown)

Care should be taken to cook the sauce long enough so that the oil in walnuts comes out, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours

Add chicken strips into the sauce and let slowly cook for another 30-45 minutes

the mix should becomes quite thick



2 thoughts on “Pomegranate Paste, Walnut and Chicken Stew خورشت فسنجان

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