Beef Celery Stew (خورشت کرفس (روش اول


One stalk of celery ,

One bunch of Parsley,

One bunch of fresh mint or 2 tablespoons dried mint,

One large onion,

400 grams meat( beef or lamb or chicken),

lemon juice, vegetable oil, Salt, pepper, Saffron

optional: Asian Celery ( Chinese celery)

“Asian celery is like tall, skinny common celery with dark green parsley-like  leaves and has a more pronounced celery flavor.”

cut meat into pieces( 10 com)

 place meat and sliced onion into a pan, add 2 cups of water, bring them to boil,

 Cook over low- medium heat for about 1 hour, adding more hot water during cooking if needed

Wash celery and cut into 5 cm pieces, and fry slightly in oil for 5 min

Finely chop Asian celery and parsley (and mint), add to the frying celery,

add 2 tablespoon dried mint (if there is no fresh mint), salt and pepper, saffron

add  vegetables to the meat,

….lemon juice….

continue cooking for about 20 minutes (celery should not become too soft)


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