Potato Croquet Stuffed with Meat کراکت سیب زمینی و گوشت


150-200 grams lean ground lamb or beef,

300 grams medium potatoes,

2 medium eggs,

2 bunches of Parsley,

2 tablespoons tomato paste ,

1 medium onion,

lemon juice,

one cup bread crumbs,

Cooking oil, turmeric, Salt & Black pepper

chop the onion into small pieces, fry them with some oil, add lean ground beef, continue frying

Stir-fry until meat changes color, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, turmeric, salt, pepper

add…lemon juice…

add chopped parsley and turn off the heat

Boil potatoes for 15-20 minutes over high heat until they soften, Then peel and mash potatos

add 2 eggs, blend together with salt and pepper

Remove balls from the mix about 4-5 cm in diameter. Spread bread crumbs on a flat surface.  Shape the ball into a circle with a thickness of less than 1 cm

Place dollop of meat mixture in the center of the circle

place the other circle on top and paste both sides well together

add some oil in a frying pan, put on Low to medium heat, Fry the potato croquettes, flipping them on both sides, until they are golden brown


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