Persian Sweet Rice and Yellow Split pea Stew Shiraz Style شیرین پلو و خورشت قیمه شیرازی

“This is the traditional Persian wedding dish. A few dishes are always present , Sheereen Polo or sweet rice is always prepared!”



400 gr lamb or beef  (or Boneless Skinless chicken breast),

1 cup yellow split chickpeas ,

1 or 2 Potatos,

1 onion,

2 tablespoons tomato paste,

salt, pepper, saffron, lime or lemon juice

this recipe normally call for 3-4 dried, crushed limes. If you can find them (try a Middle Eastern market), they are added in with the other spices. If not, fresh lime juice is a perfectly fine substitute.

Sweet rice:

3 cups Rice (long grain),

0.5 cup Sugar ,

0.5 cup raisin or cranberry just for decoration,

Saffron, salt, vegetable oil

(Optional: silvered orange skin, unsalted silvered pistachio, silvered almond)

 1 cup split chickpeas or 110 g, soaked in water for 1 hour and drained

chop the onion into small cubes and fry them with some vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes

Add beef or lamb cubes and stir for 4 minutes or until lamb cubes are changed in color, add saffron

Stir for seconds then add the water. Bring to boil and simmer over a low heat for 20 minutes

Add the soaked split chickpeas and tomato paste

 simmer for 1 hour or until meat and chickpeas are cooked add salt and water if it’s needed

…lemon juice…

Sweet Rice:

For 3 cups of rice,  add 3.5-4 cups of water, some vegetable oil, Salt, saffron.

put the lid on, then turn on the electric rice cooker (or any kind of pot).

During the half time of  the Rice cooking process( after 10-15 min), add the half cup of sugar and mix well with half-cooked rice,

stir gently with a fork, avoid reaching the sugar in the bottom of the pan

dig some deep holes in order to evaporate the water from the bottom of the pan

put cranberries or raisins on top!  My favorite decoration!

fry potato strips into golden

 Garnish the Stew with thin fried potato sticks on top


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